Clients Served

 ABC Owned TV Stations 
 ACI (syndication) 
 American Medical Communications 
 Americast Armed Forces Radio
 Barry & Enright Productions 
 Bloomberg Business News 
 Bristol-Myers Canwest (Canada) 
 Capitol Broadcasting (WRAL Raleigh) 
 Columbia Pictures TV 
 Concorde-New Horizons Corp. 
 Corporation for Public Broadcasting 
 Cox Communications 
 DIC Enterprises 
 DreamWorks SKG 
 Easter Seals (National) 
 Andy Friendly Productions 
 Fries Entertainment 
 Golden West Television 
 Mark Goodson Productions
 Hospital Satellite Network 
 Integrated Resources  KCET Los Angeles (Public TV) 
 Kelly Broadcasting (KCPQ Seattle) 
 King Features Productions
 King World Productions
 Ed Libov Media Buying 
 Leap Wireless International 
 Lorimar Television 
 Madison Square Garden 
 Mattel Metromedia Television 
 Monitor TV 
 National Association of TV Program Executives
 National Geographic TV NTA (Republic Pictures) 
 New York Times Encyclopedia of Broadcasting 
 Norsk Aller A/S (Norway) 
 PBS Paramount Television 
 Pasadena Tournament of Roses 
 Peregrine Entertainment 
 Petry TV 
 Phone Programs, Inc. 
 Polygram TV 
 Post-Newsweek Productions 
 The Program Development Group  Saban Productions 
 Scripps Howard Productions 
 Singapore Broadcasting Corporation 
 Sony Pictures Entertainment
 Starwave Corporation 
 Telemundo D.L. 
 Taffner TV 
 TAT Communications 
 Time Inc. 
 US Chamber of Commerce 
 United Asia Satellite TV 
 United Video Inc. 
 Vulcan Enterprises 
 The WB TV Network Group
 WGBH Boston (Public TV) 
 Western Outlander (Canada) 
 Westinghouse Broadcasting & Cable
 Wometco World Information Network
 Wrather Entertainment